Steve & Gayle's Story


Sold a Home in Goleta, CA

“The Langhorne's came highly recommended to my husband and me, via long-time neighbors, due to the fact that they had personal and professional experiences with inherited property through a trust. 

After meeting with them in person we immediately decided that this was the right fit. We were extremely impressed with their willingness to help at unexpected times. Outside of their marketing - which I have to mention was AMAZING, they were more than willing to assist with our estate sale. Charles even assisted Steve in building a very much needed gate for the home. Their communication with us proved their dedication and they always made themselves available when needed. 

There were times that we felt pushed by the Langhornes... and it took some time, due to the emotions involved, to realize they were actually doing us a favor. We were under a deadline that we set, but found ourselves (due to these emotions) not moving at a pace to meet this deadline. Times like that really helped build our trust and showed their devotion to us throughout this very personal project. 

With their guidance and knowledge, we were able to list the house and within 1 week we were brought 3 or 4 SOLID offers that led to our buyers! 

Our favorite part of the whole process was sitting at the table looking over the offers. Suddenly we realized that WHO purchased this home mattered more than we realized. Charles and Sofie were so patient with us as we mulled over letters by all the families to make yet another perfect fit! 

Charles and Sofie's commitment to us, from the beginning and beyond the closing, has made us lifetime friends to the extent that when we leave the area we WILL be asking them for their services yet again. 

Good luck in this endeavor and all that lies ahead – there is a light at the end of what could seem to be an unending tunnel and we are confident that the Langhornes will gently guide you through. 

Thank you again, Charles and Sofie!”


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