Irene’s Story


Sold an Estate in Montecito, CA

“Sofie went “above and beyond” normal realty service in a situation that was unbelievably complex and fraught with emotion. Her professional guidance and personal empathy turned a difficult situation into a less stressful process and a highly effective, efficient, and successful outcome.

Allow me to explain, just a little. I was Trustee of my parents’ estate, specifically a home in Montecito, CA near San Ysidro Ranch. The estate was to be divided among 5 children. It was complicated though because the house, itself, was owned by my parents and my oldest sibling. The oldest sibling proved to be a major, stumbling block making my interactions with her problematic: for example, she wanted upgrades to the exterior of the property and in the interior of the home prior to sale. This is one of the many areas where Sofie proved so valuable. Her knowledge of the Montecito market and her years of expertise in preparing a home for sale convinced all concerned that such “upgrades” were not necessary.

Sofie also proved to be amazing in the liquidation of the estate. She took this on – from arranging the home’s contents (what was left post specific distributions that my parents had cited) to marketing the event to controlling the event on the day of the contents’ sale. This was not part of the fees re: sale of the house; Sofie did this for free.

Eventually, the problematic sibling secured her own realtor and it was great to watch Sofie protect the remaining 4 siblings’ interests. She communicated all conversations with the other realtor immediately; she shared her reasoning in her judgments; and she did all of this while making me a better Trustee.

In a very short time, I knew that I put my trust in someone who understood both the real estate and the human natures of those involved. The end result was outstanding. The sale of the property exceeded what I hoped for and was exactly as Sofie predicted.

I cannot praise Sofie enough. Perhaps the only added comment I can say is this: I am still in touch with Sofie and she with me since the estate sale.”



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